15 November 2017

"REP Holding" became the winner of the sport and athletic completion between the labour collective of Saint- Petersburg in 2017

The "REP Holding" team became the first among 35 city enterprises with the employee quantity more than 1000 people, gaining 586 points in the integrated ranking following the results of the sport and athletic completion between the labour collective of Saint- Petersburg in 2017.

The second place in this subgroup was filled by the Sports Complex "Izhorets" (570 points), the third place – by "Radar MMS" (564 points). More than 50 labour collectives of the city took part in the sport and athletic completion. The competition was organized by the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the City Administration, which annually conducts similar competitions.

The award ceremony for the winners was held on the 2d of November at the Center for Creative Development and Humanitarian Education of the Vasileostrovsky district. The awards were presented to the sportsmen by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Executive Office of the Vasileostrovsky district of Saint - Petersburg - Ms. Natalia Nazarova, and the head of the sporting and mass work section of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Government of Saint – Petersburg - Ms. Elena Razumakhina.

The sport and athletic completion was held in 7 sports from February to October 2017. The program included ski races, air rifle shooting, orienteering, swimming, streetball, darts, and also passed the norms of the Russia National Physical Culture and Sports Complex "GTO". The "REP Holding" team took part in all kinds of competitions, which directly influenced on the final high result.

At the awards ceremony, in addition to the winners of the sport and athletic completion, cups and certificates were awarded to the winners of the last three stages of the competition - GTO, streetball and darts. The team of "REP Holding" was also among the winners of GTO, filled the 2nd place in team total.

"Thank you for opportunity to present our company at the city sport and athletic completion among labor collectives. When I got the offer to participate in this event - I agreed without hesitation, because I was confident that I could well-deserved perform in the presented disciplines. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the participants, the victory of this season is our team victory and the result of hard work and efforts of every participants! But the most important thing, is that thanks to this sport and athletic completion, I got acquainted with my wonderful colleagues in an informal atmosphere. I think that such events are necessary to keep team spirit, not only at sporting events, but also in the workplace! "- said Tatyana Baklanova, the design engineer of REP Holding.

"REP Holding" pays great attention for the participation of employees in various sports programs. Promoting and supporting of healthy lifestyle is an important part of the company's corporate culture. The enterprises of Holding company regularly conduct internal sport events, and also “REP Holding” is an active participant in the city championships and sports events. Earlier, in September 2017, the "REP Holding" team became the prize-winner of the X sport and athletic completion between industrial enterprises in Saint-Petersburg.

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