9 November 2017

«REP Holding» will manufacture equipment for Amursky GPP

President of JSC «REP Holding» Tagir Nigmatulin and General Manager of CPECC (China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation) Russia branch Han Changjun signed an Agreement under which «REP Holding» will manufacture and supply 12 gas processing units GPU-32 «Ladoga» for the Amursky Gas Processing Plant (Non-Licensed Units) project.

The document was signed during the visit of Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to Beijing as a part of the strategic partnership development between Russia and China.
The Amursky GPP will become the biggest in Russia and one of the world’s largest gas processing plants, being an important link in the technological chain of natural gas supplies to China. The plant will annually process 42 billion cubic meters of multicomponent gas from the Yakutsk and Irkutsk gas production centers. The Amursky GPP will produce commercial gas as well as helium, ethane, propane, butane and other valuable for petrochemical industry elements. The Provisional Acceptance of first two out of six trains will be completed in 2021.

The Gas Pumping Units GPU -32 «Ladoga» will be installed at the booster compressor station of the Amursky GPP (Non-Licensed Units) to compress natural gas. GPU-32 «Ladoga» with a capacity of 32 MW has high efficiency (36%), significant service life and low emissions level. The manufactured equipment will be undergone a number of integrated tests at Nevsky Plant, the production site of the Holding, and then will be sent to the facility. The first unit is scheduled to be supplied in December 2018, the remaining ones will be delivered in the first half of 2019.

Today «REP Holding» is a key supplier of the main technological equipment for PJSC «Gazprom» strategic projects. GPU-32 «Ladoga» have being operated successfully on the main gas pipelines. More than 50 gas-pumping units have been manufactured and delivered by «REP Holding» so far to the sites for modernization and for new construction projects.

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