10 August 2017

«REP Holding» has started shipment of gas pumping units under the project "Power of Siberia"

"REP Holding" has started the shipment of three gas pumping units GPA-32 "Ladoga" under the gas pipeline construction project "Power of Siberia". The equipment was manufactured under the basis of the contract with LLC "Gazprom Komplektatsia", concluded in May last year.

GPAs were manufactured at the production sites of the Holding – Nevskiy zavod and Plant ELECTROPULT. Before shipping to the site the units were subjected to acceptance tests. The comprehensive inspection confirmed the compliance of the equipment characteristics with the technical specification, including high for the purpose of industrial GTU efficiency (36%).

The gas pumping units will be installed on the compressor station CS-7а «Zeyskaya», which is located at the Belogorsk–Blagoveshchensk section, being on the border of China. Erection supervision and commissioning works on the site are planned for 2018. In total within the compressor station six units manufactured by "REP Holding" will operate.

GPA-32 "Ladoga" is actively applied for the purpose of the reconstruction sites and on new construction objects of the gas industry. Up to date at the Holding’s facilities 56 units have been manufactured and shipped, 23 GPA have already been put into commercial operation.

The Gas Pipeline "Power of Siberia" is the largest gas transportation system in the East of Russia, which covers the territories of three subjects of the Russian Federation: the Amur and Irkutsk regions, the Republic of Sakha. The main pipeline will transport gas to Russian consumers in the Far East and to China. The total length of the gas pipeline is about 3000 km, the estimated export capacity is 38 billion cubic meters per year.

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