26 July 2012

GE and «REP Holding» Signed a Contract on Assembling of 28 Gas Turbine Units in Russia

«REP Holding» and General Electric (NYSE: GE) have signed a Contract for assembling of an additional set of 28 gas turbine units GE MS5002E at «Nevsky Zavod» of «REP Holding». This is the third contract made in terms of the Technology Localization License Agreement signed by GE Oil & Gas and «REP Holding» in March of 2008. The contract for assembling of the first 19 GTU was signed in 2008, the second Contract for 10 GTU was signed last year.

The License Agreement provided for assembling of the gas pumping units GPU-32 «Ladoga» on the basis of the gas turbine GE MS5002E in Russia proves that «REP Holding» is planning to sell «Ladoga» gas turbine technology in RF.

«Our agreement with GE emphasizes that it is important to apply high-efficiency and proved technologies to upgrade the Russian power infrastructure», Igor Starinkov, President of «REP Holding», said.

The gas turbines, which are planned to be manufactured by «REP Holding» companies in Russia, will be used in upgrading of the Pipeline Construction Project by the company Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk. Part of these gas turbines will be applied for the South Stream Pipeline Construction Project, i.e. construction of the new underwater pipeline connecting Russia and Bulgaria across the Black Sea. Also a set of the units is planned to be manufactured as a part of the further supplies delivered to the second branch of the main pipeline «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta» and to the other modified objects of Gazprom.

«The license agreement became an important stage in our localization project initiated jointly with «REP Holding», Andrey Chernobrovkin, Director of Production and Technology Localization Department, GE Oil & Gas, says. «Our task is to be as close to our customers as possible in order to satisfy their requests».

GE MS500E technology is a significantly improved version of GE MS5002 production line. The new gas turbine unit is characterized by the high efficiency (36%) in terms of the Russian industrial units, low emissions and long lifetime, as well as by high reliability and service life. The fifth series GE gas turbines count already more than 16 mln. service hours around the world.

An important advantage of MS5002E turbine which is a part of GPU-32 «Ladoga» is the fact that it can be fully maintained at the premises of the Customer. This advantage is critical during operation under inclement weather conditions in the remote region of Russia.

In March of 2012 the first turbine MS5002E which was fully assembled in Russia under the License Agreement has undergone the acceptance tests at Nevsky Zavod of «REP Holding». It is now operated at the objects of JSC Gazprom as a gas turbine drive of GPU-32 «Ladoga» at the compressor stations of the main pipeline «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta».

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