15 March 2010

The participants of the chief power engineers of Russia assembly visited the “Nevsky Zavod”

On the 12th of March, 2010 as part of the St. Petersburg Industrial Congress the excursion to a major power engineering company REP Holding – “Nevsky Zavod” was given. “REP Holding” as the official media partner of the Congress was the co-organizer of the excursion for the members of chief power engineers assembly of metallurgical and engineering enterprises.

The excursion began with the visiting of the “Nevsky Zavod” museum, and then the excursion participants were shown the main reconstructed and modernized manufacturing – the rotor, the assembling, the hull and blades production workshop. The delegates were shown the innovative production techniques of the turbine blades, rotors machining, the manufacturing of the turbo compressor equipment and compressors of the new generation (N 400-21-C), and others, the delegation saw a new production plant capacity, test beds for steam and gas turbines. The participants also visited the laboratory of metrology, testing and control, which is equipped with modern equipment, where the wide range of tests (X-ray detection, chemical, spectral, capillary analysis, magnetic powder examination, ultrasonic testing, etc.) are performed.

The excursion was given by Oleg Maksimenko (general director CJSC “NZL”), with the cooperation of the chief process engineer Mr. Grishchenko and Acting director of the machine-building complex Mr. Boldyrev.

After the excursion, a presentation of innovation projects of REP Holding in the field of electrical and power engineering. During the coffee break, the participants exchanged contacts with the representatives of the Holding Company. We hope that these contacts will be useful for future business relationship.

The participants were very pleased with this excursion and thanked for providing them the unique opportunity to see a live example of a modern and successfully developing Russian production.

The reference from participant of the excursion, The Head of Quality and Standardization of the Research Center LTd Co “TK”OMZ-Izhora” Mr. Sochnev.


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