The New Construct for Distribution Units and Power Boards of Low Voltage Control SIVACON S8


  • saves space by a combination of different types of modules in a single cabinet;
  • patented connection terminals and internal separation provides a simple separation of the functional compartments;
  • varied position of the main bus system: on top or from behind on top and/or from below;
  • different height of the cabinets – 2000 mm or 2200 mm allows to implement any requirements of the Customer;
  • reactive power compensation up to 600 kvar per cabinet saves space in the room;
  • uniform marking system;
  • locking system for an individual or central locking;
  • the capability to quickly selfchange the direction of opening through the use of universal hinges and locks;
  • fast–acting locks provide an easy and quick installation of covers;
  • application of the rotary covers increases the ease of the equipment operation.

Advantages in the design, installation and operation:

  • flexibility to choose the form of internal separation in accordance with the requirements;
  • saves space in the room thanks to the small size: the section, starting from 400 x 500 mm;
  • varied position of the main bus system on top/from behind for easy and flexible implementation of various requirements;
  • different ways for connection to the vertical bus for cable, buses, without the need for drilling or punching holes;
  • quick-removable cover;
  • efficient installation due to a combination of different systems;
  • maximum safety due to low voltage package units that have passed standard tests;
  • maximum safety for personnel due to the system of locks resistant to fault arc;
  • high-quality industrial design for use in modern buildings;
  • the disconnected position with the cabinet doors closed, secure transfer of withdrawable modules from one position to another;
  • safe operation thanks to the unified protection during operation;
  • quick access to devices for adjustment of pickup settings;
  • easy to change the direction of the doors opening;
  • highly efficient ventilation system with easy maintenance.