The Low-voltage package modules SIVACON 8PT (6(10)/0,4 kV)

The application

The Low-voltage package modules are intended for receiving and distribution of the electric energy of three phases AC with the frequency 50Hz for nominal voltage up to 690 V are used for all types of electric power plants and substations, for power supply of all industrial enterprises. The Lowvoltage package modules can be used as the following equipment:

  • the main and auxiliary distribution boards;
  • the station control boards for electric motors;
  • the entry and distribution device;
  • the low voltage distribution device (LVDD) for Packaged Transformer Substation.

The benefits:

  • quick change or modernization of the modules inside the cabinets to realize all the customers’ requirements;
  • the using of high quality apparatus Siemens, which can provide the long operation period and reliable control;
  • the consonant testing of the accessory equipment, provides the maximum reliability and safety of the operational personnel;
  • the high level of comfort operation because of the using of pull out/in principals of apparatus construction;
  • the high density of the assembling can provide the connection up to the 11 feeders inside one cabinet of output lines;
  • the possibility of the independent combining and quick re-equipment of the cable fedders inside one cabinet, because of the multipurpose side busbar system;
  • the installation opportunity of the automatic switches to the pull in bases;
  • the optimal conditions for cable connection inside the cable compartment;
  • the division grade up to 4b.