Factory-assembled switchgear


Factory-assembled switchgear is designed for accepting and distribution of electrical power of threephase AC current at a frequency of 50 & 60 Hz to rated voltage of 6, 10 and 35 kV, are applicable for all types of power plant and substations, nuclear power facility, electric- power supply for enterprises of all industrial brunches, transport & utilities system, and also for nuclear power generation industry.

The switchgear cabinets can be used to expand the operated switchgears of other manufacturers and connected with them using fitting cabinets. It depends on the maintenance conditions switchgear cabinets can be installed in one-row, two rows or duplex way.

The features of equipment

“REP Holding” manufactures the switchgears of different modifications.

К-204 EP

ПIt is used on all industrial enterprises and electric power plants, where the nominal current of the main circuit is not more than 1600 A. The low arrangement of bus bars, two-way service.

К-205 EP

К-205 EP is utilized together with switchgear К-204 EP for income and sectioning or electric-power supply for powerful consumers at a rated current up to 3150 Amps. Lower arrangement of bus-bars, two-way services.

К-206 EP

It was developed in accordance with requirements of the metallurgical industry, has the increment air isolation gaps, that is increase reliability and procure conformability for installation of cable connections, at a rated current up to 1600 Amps. The upper arrangement of bus-bars, twoway services.

К-207 EP

The design of switchgear К-207 EP has smaller overall dimensions and can be served only by frontal panel side, which allows installing the switchgear of K-207 EP series inside the buildings with the small area. Cabinet K-207 EP has the different types of performance, which allow applying it for nomial current of main circuits up to 3150 A. The upper arrangements of bus-bars, at one-way and two–way services.

К-207(650 mm) dedicated design:

  • implemented mating with factoryassembled switchgear К-207 EP cabinets with a cabinet depth of 1400 mm, the highway can be designed for 3150 А, 6 кV and for 2500 А, 10 kV;
  • for this cell the following power circuit breakers can be used: Sion, LF1, Evopis, HD4, VD4, ВБМ-10/20, ВБП-10/20, BB/TEL;
  • properly sized current transformers ТЛО-10-М2 and ТЛО-10-М4. It is possible to install six current transformers in the cell without a voltage transformer and cable entry within the base.

«Sphera-N» low voltage packaged device

Universal low voltage packaged device manufactured by JSC «Zavod ELEKTROPULT» is designed to receive and to distribute three-phase AC 220/380/660V 50Hz, and to control and to protect the equipment from short-circuit and overload.

Main Advantages:

- versatility;
- ability to apply components of local and foreign suppliers;
- ability to use this design both in plug-in, draw-out and fixed modules, and with the equipment that is installed on the mounting panels;
- ability to apply drawers (sliding boxes).

The drawers are equipped with the mechanical locks and have the fixed positions. There are three fixed positions: «Connected», «Test», and «Disconnected». The drawers are equipped with the driving gears that prevent the drawer from sliding under load. The sliding boxes are drawn out along the special guides that are installed in the unit or in the enclosure.

Standard Drawer Boxes

Height of Drawer Box, mm0.4kV/direct startup0.4kV / cable
15040 kW100 A
20064 kW160 A
250100 kW250 A
300-400 А
400160 kW630 A
600250 kW-

Technical Characteristics:

  • Rated current (In) is less than 630 A
  • 3- and 4-pole designs
  • Manual or motor-driven
  • The driver is arranged either on the door or behind the door
  • Mounting pad for the auxiliary devices

Types of cabinets by their functionality

  • Entrance (including emergency entrance) – with stationary or draw-out switching units;
  • Outgoing lines - with stationary, plug-in or draw-out switching units, as well as with with
  • drawable cells. The maximum number of outgoing lines in the cabinets with drawable cells is 36;
  • Sectional - with stationary or draw-out switching units;
  • Reactive power compensation;
  • Control panels;
  • Electric power metering – with power consumption metering and control instruments
  • installed;
  • Combined – one cabinet contains units of different functionality. For example, entrance and
  • outgoing line.

  • «Sphere – N» low-voltage packaged device cabinets are available in home-made metal casings. Each cabinet is completed with additional elements on the face side to provide visible earthing by a conductor to the room earthing loop. An important feature of the «Sphere – N» construct is apossibility to use draw-out modules.

    The main characteristics

    • The product cabinets can be both for one-side and two-side service;
    • Cabinet width, mm: 400-1400 (in increments of 100);
    • Cabinet depth, mm: 400- 1200 (in increments of 200);
    • Cabinet height, mm: 1400-2200 (in increments of 200);
    • Protection level – up to Ip54*.

* There are design restrictions

    In accordance with implementation of the State program on import substitution "Sphere-N» is manufactured from the materials produced on the territory of the Russian Federation (metal sheet, glass sheet, copper, aluminum, etc.), as well as is oriented on the components and devices made by domestic companies.

Low Voltage Packaged Device Sphere-N