Containerized Constructs for Electrical Equipment


<p>The Container Unit (CU) is designed to protect and provide functioning of various  electrical equipment inside it  intended for industrial and municipal applications, including transformer substations, switchgears, frequency converters, diesel-generators etc.</p>


<p>The Container Units produced  are buildings combined into a standard series  the basic parameters and dimensions of which are given in TU 5363-016-71439231-2007.</p>

<p>CU have as their  basis a lightweight and durable frame made of steel profile lined on the walls and ceiling with insulant in the form of sandwich panels, and  insulated floor. </p>

<p>The modular  and demountable construction makes it possible to move CU repeatedly during its life time.</p>

<p>Depending on the type of completeness and the purpose of the electrical equipment, at the customer's request, on a  case-by-case basis, developed can be UC of non-standard sizes.</p>

<p>The climatic version of CU is УХЛ (moderately cold climate). Placement category -1.  Thermal insulation of CU makes it possible to use the container at ambient temperature over the range from-60°C to 40°C. The insulation material of the walls and ceiling  - polyurethane foam (with very high thermal insulation properties) - is a structural component of  sandwich panels. Mineral wool is used as the thermal- insulating filler of the floor.</p>

<p>The doors are tamper-proof, steel, the door opening dimensions are 1 x 2. 07 m. CU can be equipped with  steel heat-insulated double-leaf gate of the required dimensions.</p>

<p><b>Life support systems:  </b></p>

  <li>lighting, </li>

  <li>heating, </li>

  <li>ventilation/air conditioning. </li>

<p>The heating and ventilation/conditioning systems are interrelated, flexibly configured and operate based on the automatic multistep algorithm. Also, manual control of  the heating and ventilation /conditioning systems is provided for. Thus,  the optimal thermal operating mode is ensured. </p>

<p>At the request of the customer the CU can be equipped with fire alarm, security alarm system and fire extinguishing media.</p>

<p><b>CU advantages:</b></p>

  <li>high thermal insulation capacity  of CU made of sandwich panels;</li>

  <li>relatively low weight;</li>

  <li>actually, any layout arrangement can be implemented.</li>