Modular Package Gas-Piston Power Plant of MPGPPP 0.4 (6, 10)-1500-У1 Type, 0,4; 6; 10 kV


The gas-piston power plant (GPPP) is designed for use as a primary or backup power supply of the customer’s consumers. The power plant is aimed to be used as a power source for various industrial applications, as well as a captive power plant at the gas transmission system facilities.

The automated containerized Modular Package Gas-Piston Power Plant "BKGPE 0.4 (6, 10)-1500-U1" rated at 1500 kW, based on gas generator units made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the output voltage of 400, 6300, 10500 V, current-AC , 50 Hz.

Climatic version of thermal power plants:

Moderate and cold climate, placement category I as per GOST 15150. The value of air temperature during operation-from 213 to 313 K (-60 to +40 °C) – in a standard scope of delivery.

GPPP Component Parts:

  • heat–insulated block–box consisting of a middle module and two side modules;
  • gas generator unit MGS1875-G;
  • automation system;
  • fuel gas supply system;
  • oil system;
  • cooling system with a side–mounted dual–circuit air cooler and circulation pumps;
  • starting system;
  • exhaust system;
  • ventilation system;
  • heating system for transportation and operation;
  • operating and emergency lighting system;
  • automatic fire alarm and fire warning system;
  • automatic gas fire–fighting unit;
  • gas analysis system by fuel gas;
  • an optional dispatching desk is supplied with a possibility of the power plant remote control up to 50 m.

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