Integrated control systems of the onboard technical equipment


The integrated control systems of the onboard equipment are designed to provide the centralized access to information and remote automatic control of the vessel technical equipment.

Field of application:

Marine and river vessels of different purpose, offshore fixed platforms and drilling units, coastal facilities of the water transport.


The communications networks of the integrated control systems of the onboard equipment form the terminal, system and field busbars. All busbars have optical channels with glass fiber — optic cables as the data transmission media.

The basic and back-up optical rings of each busbar (system and field ones) are laid in the vessel rooms along different routes and are not physically connected with each other.

Component parts:

  • control subsystem;
  • indication subsystem;
  • emergency warning subsystem.

Technical specifications:

  • power-supply voltage — 24 V DC, 220 and 380 V AC;
  • protection level of the equipment — up to IP56;
  • climatic version of the equipment — ОМ3, ОМ4.


  • wide functional capabilities;
  • high reliability;
  • friendly HMI;
  • standardized hardware and software using the concept of modular design as much as possible;
  • upgradability, a possibility to increase the number of signals and to expand the realized functions during the whole service life.