The package transformer substations with the power 25-2500 kV (6(10)/0,4 rV)


It is intended for reception, converting and distribution of the electric power of the three-phase AC with the frequency 50Hz and voltage 0.4 kV. The package transformer substations are used in the industrial enterprises, on the nuclear power generation industry objects and on the objects of all industry branches.

Constructional features

The package transformer substations are manufactured using the low voltage distribution devices (РУНН- 0,4 kV) on the base of the cabinets of manufacturer RITTAL the construction TS8, enterprise Siemens the construction SIVACON 8РТ. The cabinets construction is foreseen the installation of full complex of electric equipment and apparatus, control devices, protection, automatic and signaling.

Kiosk–type Package Transformer Substation

These PTS are designed to receive, transform and distribute 3-phase a.c. electric power by electric loads (consumers) in various industries.

These PTS can comprise both domestic and foreign part components.