9 June 2021

Tests of a New Modification of T32 Gas Turbine Unit Completed at Nevskiy Zavod

Acceptance tests of the single-frame T32-1 gas turbine engine have been successfully performed at Nevskiy Zavod.

The single-frame T32-1 gas turbine unit was developed in 2020 by the REP Holding Engineering Center based on the two-frame GTU, using innovative design solutions.

The T32-1 GTU complements the line of high-performance heavy-duty 32 MW units developed for the Russian market based on the MS5002E basic family. Nevskiy Zavod is the only manufacturer of this class units in Russia. The 32 MW GTU has been produced under the license of GE Oil and Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A.) since 2009. It is manufactured according to API standards and is included into the gas-pumping units GPA-32 “Ladoga” which are successfully operated at many compressor stations in our country.
The new design developed and implemented by the Holding specialists has made it possible to solve a number of conceptual problems aimed at optimizing the production, transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment. The unit will be delivered to the customer as ready-to-operate, while placing the turbine and auxiliary equipment on a single baseplate not only simplifies transportation (requiring one shipping package), but also significantly reduces the time of installation. Availability of the lateral rollout system for the engine ensures maximum repairability and convenience of service maintenance in the operating conditions. The new design solution has also made it possible to achieve significant saving in the space occupied. The unit itself is by 30% more compact than the traditional two-frame design, which in turn reduces the dimensions of the unit as a whole. The length of cable routes has been reduced by 20%, and the total length of pipelines - by 15%. The volume of welded operations on the baseplate has been reduced by half.

The GTU is multipurpose and can be used as part of gas-pumping units at the compressor stations of the main gas pipelines for transportation of natural gas, as part of combined-cycle plants at TPP and CHP, as generating power units within the package of equipment for gas turbine electric power plants, as a drive unit for mixed refrigerant compressors in LNG projects.

The T32-1 gas turbine unit was tested in the presence of the representatives of the customer - LLC “Gazprom-invest”. As part of the tests, the mechanical parameters of the gas turbine unit were verified at the maximum speed of the rotor. Based on the results of the tests, the commission concluded that the gas turbine engine had successfully passed the acceptance tests in accordance with the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) and the Test Program and Procedure and was in full compliance with the technical requirements. By the end of this year, the gas-pumping unit on the basis of the single-frame GTU will be delivered to one of the PJSC “Gazprom” gas transport facilities under construction.

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