26 April 2021

REP Holding Took Part in RIEF 2021

REP Holding took part in the business program of the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF) which was held from April 21 to 23 in St. Petersburg in the Expoforum Center. RIEF-2021 was held with the participation of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Government of St. Petersburg.

The RIEF  brought together in a traditional way the leading players in the energy market – industry  corporations, government agencies and scientific communities. This year the Forum was organized in a hybrid format -  face-to-face and online. Representatives of international companies from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, France and Poland also took part.

REP Holding participated with a report at the conference "Innovative Technical Developments in the Fuel & Energy Complex" on introducing advanced technologies that improve the efficiency of enterprises, reduce negative impacts on the environment, improve energy efficiency, quality and reliability of energy supply.
Within the framework of the conference, Vitaly Ovchinnikov, Chief Engineer for Electrically Driven  Units of REP Holding, presented the advanced  developments of REP Holding in the booster compressor systems for combined heat and power plants.

The report presented the key competences of the company, an overview of the market for booster compressor stations (BCS), described the technological features of their operation. The emphasis was placed on modern technical solutions in  production of high-performance compressor equipment for BCS and the wide possibilities for using the units at energy facilities.

In particular, modern electrically-driven compressor units (EGPA) produced  by the Nevskiy Zavod plant that employ  a magnetic bearing system  and a line of high-performance  new-generation centrifugal compressors  with a variable-frequency drive and autonomous control systems providing the  unmanned mode of operation  were presented.

The use of modern centrifugal compressors  with "dry" gas-dynamic seals, a variable-frequency drive and magnetic bearings makes it possible to prevent oil ingress into  the compressed gas, reducing the risk of failure of turbine combustion chambers, as well as to minimize  vibration of the compressor equipment and ensure operation of the technological automatic transfer switch.

Absence of oil in these "dry" units, as well as absence of a gearbox have a positive impact on the safety, reliability, ecological safety and ease of maintenance of the units. The possibility of a bumpless fast startup by means of a frequency converter, power-efficient control  of the centrifugal compressor capacity   by changing its speed, low electrical energy consumption in the hot reserve, as well as the possibility of delivery in a single airtight casing without  using compressor seals were noted among other advantages of the "dry" units produced by Nevskiy Zavod.

REP Holding has considerable experience in the production of this type of units. To date, more than 40 EGPA in such a design version have been delivered to Gazprom facilities. Similar "dry" compressor units on magnetic bearings can be used not only in the oil and gas industry, but also in the chemical, metallurgical and energy industries to ensure safety, reliability and environmental compatibility of technological processes.

The Russian International Energy Forum is an annual congress and exhibition event for professionals in the fuel and energy industry, the largest international event in Russia. The main goal of the project is to create a platform for dialogue between the industry corporations, state authorities and the scientific community. The concept of the Forum provides for business and exhibition programs.

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