7 April 2021

REP Holding received net profit 716 million rubles

JSC “REP Holding” publishes the consolidated accounting (financial) statements for 2020, prepared in accordance with RAS.

 Main indicators of the financial results report
(million rubles)
  2019   2020
  Income   13 542   14 185
  Cost of revenue    10 136   10 427
  Gross profit      3 406     3 758
  Net profit (negative profit)    (3 580)       716
  Capital account   (18 456)  24 898
  EBITDA (negative profit)    (1 169)    1 854

The company's income amounted 14.2 billion rubles, which is 4.7% more than in 2019. EBITDA increased up to 1.85 billion rubles and became positive compared to the previous year. Gross profit increased by 10.34% and amounted 3.76 billion rubles.

For the first time ever 2012, the company achieved the positive financial result, net profit amounted 716 million rubles.

A significant improvement in the financial performance of JSC “REP Holding” at the end of 2020 was facilitated by the active implementation of unified intra-group approaches to planning and optimization of activities used inside the group of “Gazprom Energoholding”, as well as the transition to pricing and forecasting models of production capacity utilization approved by “Gazprom” Group.

Particularly, the investment and financial policy was formed and implemented, this policy is based on the diversification of documented instruments, the significant increasing of the horizon and quality of cash flow planning, the uniform intra-group approaches to costs management, dealing with accounts receivable and currency control were established.

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