3 November 2020

REP Holding will manufacture compressor equipment for “Power of Siberia”

“REP Holding” has signed a contract with “Kazancompressormash” PJSC (HMS Group), the manufacturer of unified complete gas pumping units GPU-16U with a capacity of 16 MW, under which it will produce 12 sets of centrifugal compressors of the ЦБК405-1,50/101-5300/16С type for the 2nd stage of construction of the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia".

4 sets of centrifugal compressors will be installed as part of the GPU-16U at CS-2 "Pyotr Beketov" (Olekminskaya), 4 sets - at CS-4 "Ivan Moskvitin" (Nimnirskaya) and 4 sets - at CS-6 "Erofey Khabarov" (Skovorodinskaya).

The unified compressors will be manufactured for the GPU-16U, taking into account the use of solutions identical to the 1st stage of the project. In the design of the replaceable flow part of these compressors, "dry" gas-dynamic seals are used. This technical solution allows to avoid contamination of the compressed gas with oil from the bearings.

The equipment will be manufactured at the Nevsky plant. Delivery to the facility is scheduled for 2021.

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