31 July 2020

«REP Holding» shipped the equipment for Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoye gas field

«REP holding» has shipped 3 sets of replacement flow parts (SPC) for centrifugal compressors of type 295GTS2-500/26-45M and type 910-41-1SMP in the framework of the project for the reconstruction of the booster compressor station of the Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoye gas field.

The equipment was manufactured at the Nevsky plant under a contract with the Noyabrsk branch of Gazprom invest, LLC. The new RFP will be installed to replace the expired replacement flow parts of the 1st compression stage. This will allow to ensure maximum gas production levels at the field in the future.

The integrally-machined axial-radial impellers with spatial blades are used in the design of the new RFP. These are innovative, high-tech components of the replacement flow part, which significantly increase the level of the polytropic efficiency and reliability of the centrifugal compressor. Wheels are produced on the special machining center from a single workpiece, welding and riveting on such wheels are not used, which is one of the main reasons for increasing the reliability of the wheels and the compressor as a whole.


The Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoe gas field was commissioned in 1996. Currently, not only gas, but also gas condensate are produced here - in 2002, gas and gas condensate production was started from lower Cretaceous deposits, and a year later, a booster compressor station was put into operation.

In 2019, together with Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye, LLC, pilot production of the field's oil deposit began. In 2020, it is expected that all oil production facilities will be put into operation and industrial development of the Jurassic oil deposits will begin.

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