19 June 2020

REP Holding's gas pumping units were put into operation at the «Chikshinskaya» compressor station

«Ladoga» gas pumping units with a capacity of 32 MW were successfully put into operation and prepared to provide gas transportation at the compressor station «CS-8 Chikshinskaya» (CS-2) which is being built under the agreement between «Gazprom Invest», LLC and «Gazstroyprom», JSC as the part of the project for the construction of the second gas pipeline string of «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta» to be commissioned in 2020.

Under the technical supervision of REP Holding’s field service engineers, the construction, installation and commissioning works of three «Ladoga» GPU-32 units, which include the gas turbine unit MS5002E, compressor H-400-21-1C and auxiliary equipment, were completed.

The equipment was manufactured at the Nevskiy Plant and shipped to the site under the contract with «Gazprom Komplektatsiya», LLC.

Successfully completed 72-hour tests preceded the commissioning of the equipment for the commercial operation.

Earlier, in 2013 4 gas pumping units «Ladoga» GPU-32 were commissioned and are currently successfully operating as part of compressor workshop №1 of CS-8 «Chikshinskaya» (the first line of the main pipeline «Bovanenkovo-Ukhta»).


The Bovanenkovo — Ukhta main gas pipeline system is designed to transport natural gas from the Yamal Peninsula. The raw material base is the Bovanenkovskoye and Kharasaveyskoye fields.
The implementation of the Bovanenkovo — Ukhta project with a gas production volume of 115 billion cubic meters per year provides for the construction of a two-line main gas pipeline system with a total length of 2,532.6 km and 9 two-stage compressor stations with a total capacity of 1,938 MW. The gas pipeline route passes through the territory of 2 subjects of the Russian Federation (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district and the Komi Republic).

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