7 May 2020

Nevskiy Plant implements a new stage in the localization of gas turbine manufacturing

New equipment for hardening gas turbine components was commissioned at Nevskiy Plant.

The Nevskiy Plant installed and started-up the new unit for shot-blasting hardening for compressor blades and disks for MS5002E turbine, which is the part of the GPU-32 “Ladoga” gas pumping unit. The development of new equipment and technology is carried out in collaboration with Rosler, one of the world leaders in the field of shot blasting technology.

The development of this technology is performed within the frame of the implementation of one of the strategic goals to achieve 100% localization of the most important parts and components of the MS5002E gas turbine.

“This is the first item of technological equipment to be introduced as part of a comprehensive investment project for the localization of compressor blades and turbine disks of the GPU-32 “Ladoga” turbine. The project is of strategic importance for domestic power engineering industry. Its implementation will allow increasing the localization level of manufacturing and eliminating the import of compressor blades and turbine disks, which will eventually reduce the cost of units” - Mr. Alexey Gorin, the Vice president of production development of REP Holding, said.

Commissioning was preceded by the large-scale complex of pre-construction works. Together with Rosler specialists, employees of the Nevskiy Plant successfully completed the installation, commissioning and testing of equipment.

The technological operation of shot blasting gives the surface layer of turbine blades and grooves for their fastening the qualities necessary to ensure the reliability of the whole compressor blading, high and low pressure turbine disks.

The installation is equipped with computer-controlled robot, since shot blasting is the process of final machining of the finishing part, and the high degree of repeatability is important to obtain consistently high quality. The installation will be the part of the equipment complex of the updated blade manufacturing workshop.

The development of the technology of shot blasting and the availability of the necessary equipment will significantly expand the manufacturing competencies of the Nevskiy Plant, will provide the ability to manufacture compressor blades and turbine disks for the gas turbine MS5002E, as well as similar parts of gas turbines of their own design at the company's facilities.

The transition to our own production of compressor blades and turbine disks using Russian materials is planned in 2020.

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