5 June 2020

"REP holding" introduces in manufacture of additive technology

“REP Holding” specialists have started implementing additive technologies in production, following the advanced and most popular global technological trends in the manufacture of gas turbine components. As part of GTU MS5002E localization program, the first samples of combustion chamber parts were produced using 3D printing by selective laser fusion.

The development and implementation of advanced selective laser fusion technology is implemented by specialists of the engineering center and the engineering development department of "REP Holding" together with the Federal state unitary enterprise "VIAM" And the Fund for advanced research within the framework of the "Tantalus"project.

The method of selective laser fusion is one of the most promising technologies for the production of components of complex configuration based on the most modern powder compositions that ensure the operability of these components at high temperatures and significant long-term loads. Using an additive approach in production will improve operational features, improve the design and reduce the production time of parts.

The fuel injector of the gas turbine unit was selected as the pilot component. To date, the design of the part has been developed, prototypes have been made, and a series of control studies have been carried out: purging, non-destructive testing using computed tomography, and geometry control. Full-scale testing of the first samples in the engine and their subsequent industrial application at one of the facilities of Gazprom as part of maintenance work is planned until the end of 2020.

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