12 February 2020

Installation of Six Gas-Pumping Units Manufactured by «REP Holding» is Underway at the Amur GPP

The installation of the first three gas-pumping units «Ladoga» rated at 32 MW manufactured by «REP Holding» is being completed on the construction site of the Amur GPP and preparation for start-up and commissioning works is beginning. Currently, the installation of three more GPU out of the twelve units that arrived to the construction site in December last year has started. On the first three GPU the installation of the GPU systems is finishing, preparations are underway for testing and cleaning the GPU systems pipelines. On the fourth, fifth and sixth GPU the installation of the turbine noise-and-heat insulation enclosures is coming to an end and the exhaust and air supply systems are being installed.

The equipment has been manufactured at the «Nevskiy» plant, the production site of «REP Holding», within the framework of the sub-project for construction of booster compressor yards, gas dehydration and treatment units, gas-fractionation plants for the Amur GPP.

The gas-pumping unit is an essential element of the booster compressor station (BCS). A total of 6 BCS will be built at the Amur GPP, each of which will house two GPU-32 «Ladoga». Their task is to compress the methane faction for further supply of commercial gas to China via the gas trunk line «Power of Siberia» within the framework of the Eastern Gas Program. The technical solutions applied in the GPA-32 «Ladoga» design ensure the operation reliability at low temperatures and seismicity up to 8 points.

At the moment, the installation of the process equipment on the fourth line of the Amur GPP has also been started: in particular, feed gas filters and adsorbers to clean natural gas coming for processing, as well as separators, buffer, drainage and reflux vessels have been installed.

For reference:

The Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) is being built as part of Gazprom's Eastern Gas Program and will become one of the world's largest natural gas processing plants. Its design capacity is 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The plant will consist of six process lines. The marketable products of the Amur GPP will include, besides refined methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane-hexane fraction and helium. The commissioning of the plant first two lines, now being prepared for the start-up work, is planned for 2021.

«Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk», LLC (a member of Gazprom Group) is the investor and the customer of the Amur GPP construction project. Construction management is performed by «NIPIGAS», JSC, a Russian leading center for design, supply, logistics and construction management (a member of SIBUR Group).

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