23 August 2019


Within the framework of the national project “Labor Productivity and Employment Support”, which is carried out at REP Holding enterprises together with specialists from the Federal Competence Center, the employees of the “Nevskiy Plant” and “Plant ELEKTROPULT” got the certificates of internal lean-trainers - consultants on lean manufacturing.

Mr. Khamit Fattakhov - the Director of the Development and Strategic Planning Department of CC “NZL”, Mr. Sergey Borschev - the Project Manager of the Development Department, and Mr. Artem Danilov - the Leading Engineer of the Development Department of the Nevskiy Plant, and also Mr. Andrey Plokhodko – the master of the block-container workshop of the “Plant ELEKTROPULT”, completed a week-long training at the training center of the FCK in Moscow. All of them studied the following topics: “Fundamentals of the Lean Production”, “5C at Production” and “Implementation of Improvement Projects”, they got the certificates for carrying out these programs at enterprises - participants in the national project.

Since August, for the successful implementation of a pilot project to increase labor productivity and transfer the experience in the development of the production system, the certified internal lean-trainers trained the employees of enterprises according to the FCK programs. The first classes on the topic “5C in production” were held for workers and masters of the metallurgical, assembly-welding, tooling, rotary and casings production of the Nevskiy plant and the metal construction workshop of the “Plant ELECTROPULT”.

Except that, since the beginning of the enterprise’s entry into the national project, with the help of the FCC trainers more than 60 specialists and workers of the enterprise were trained on the topics “Basic concepts of the Lean Production”, “Implementation of Improvement Projects”, “Short changeover”, and “Standardized Work”.

Up to the end of 2019, according to the programs “5C in Production” and “Basic concepts of the Lean Production” - it is planned to train about more than 230 employees of the main manufacturing professions and engineering staff of the Nevskiy Plant and “Plant ELEKTROPULT”.

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