22 March 2019

The installation of equipment manufactured by REP Holding started at the Amur gas pumping plant

The installation work of gas pumping unit “Ladoga” was started, the unit was arrived at the construction site of the Amur gas processing plant. This is the first of 12 units, which will compress the methane fraction of the Amur GPP for its further supply to China through the main pipeline the Power of Siberia as part of the Eastern Gas Program.

In the construction of the unit, the technical solutions are applied, that ensure the reliability of the GPU and its equipment in the climatic conditions of the area - at low temperatures and seismicity up to 8 points. The units are designed and manufactured according to technical specification, prepared to ensure the operability of the equipment in the conditions of the Amur plant.

GPU consists of the highly efficient centrifugal compressor and the modern, powerful gas turbine unit, which is the drive. In addition, GPU includes the cooling and ventilation system for the gas turbine unit, complex air-cleaning unit, the exhaust system, oil supply and fuel supply systems, and other auxiliary equipment. Modern complex automatic unit control system provides the highest level of safety of the unit.

The transportation of such kind of unit is the difficult logistic operation. It is carried out using the different types of transport. The gas pumping unit was shipped from the Nevskiy plant at the end of January. For transportation to the place of loading on a special railway platform and further transportation to the place of installation the special automobile trawls were used. The main route is from Velikiy Novgorod to the plant, which is more than 8 thousand km long, GPU crossed by railway platforms.

One turbo unit is placed on two platforms; each weighs more than 100 tons. Delivery of one turbo unit takes more than one and half month. During the way, with the help of a special built-in heating system, the required temperature is observed (not below +5 degrees).

The installation of the equipment will be performed step by step, and will take several months. During the installation period, “Ladoga” will be connected to the power supply in order to maintain the temperature necessary for the uninterrupted operation of the equipment. It is expected that during this year six units will be installed at the site. The first start-up complex at the Amur GPP is planned to be commissioned in 2021, and by 2025 the plant will be brought to full design capacity.

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