12 February 2019

REP Holding starts licensed production of vacuum circuit breakers

The Plant Electropult (production facility of REP Holding) has signed an agreement with Korean Corporation LSIS for licensed production of the 3rd generation vacuum spring breakers of the premium line VL. The main advantage of the technology is the device reliability, which is provided with hi-tech vacuum chambers, as well as an increased number of switching sequences even at low temperature conditions.

The circuit breakers are planned to be used for switching inputs, outgoing lines and implementation of partitioning, thus providing the main set of features for switchgear devices.

Own production of circuit breakers under the LSIS license will allow the Plant ELECTROPULT to increase the competitive advantage of manufactured switchgear cells in the market for medium-voltage equipment by optimizing the price and gradually increasing the percentage of localization within the import substitution program.

Currently the work is in progress to obtain all necessary certificates and approvals in STC FGC UES and the INTERGASCERT system.

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