29 January 2019

REP Holding manufactured electrical equipment for Kalininskaya NPP

REP Holding manufactured 6 kV switchgears for the needs of Kalininskaya nuclear power plant as the part of the nuclear power plants modernization. The scope of supply is 165 switchgears.

The equipment was manufactured at JSC “Plant Electropult” (the production site of REP Holding). 6 kV switchgears are intended for receiving and distributing of electrical power of the systems of normal and emergency operation of nuclear power plants. The switchgears have the improved design - the draw-out element is equipped with the motorized drive, which makes it possible to simplify equipment maintenance by personnel.

Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (Rosenergoatom branch) is located in the north of the Tver’ region. The KNPP consists of four power units with water-cooled power reactors (VVER-1000) with the installed capacity 1000 MW for each. Through the open switchgear, the Kalininskaya nuclear power plant outputs power to the Integrated Power System of the Center via high-voltage lines to Tver’, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, and Cherepovets. Due to its geographical position, the station provides high-voltage transit of electricity.

The important direction of the development of the Kalininskaya NPP - is the modernization of the equipment, the purpose of which is to increase the electricity generation and extend the operating life of existing power units.

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