18 October 2018

The testing complex of the Nevskiy Plant has been certified within the INTERGAZSERT system

The Nevskiy Plant (production site of REP Holding) confirmed the competence of the testing center for turbo compressor equipment (TCTCE) within the system of voluntary certification system INTERGAZSERT as the certified laboratory for testing equipment.

The testing bench department of the Nevskiy Plant includes the testing benches for gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and axial compressors. Mechanical, gas dynamic and investigation tests of the manufactured turbo-compressor equipment are performed on these benches. The instrumental and mechanical production area has the test bench for control units.

The competence recognition procedure was carried out by the expert group of VCS INTERGAZSERT. The representatives of Certification body were provided the documents confirming the certification, operational performance and technical capabilities of the Nevskiy Plant benches. The visual inspection of the test benches was performed for health assessment of the benches by INTERGAZSERT experts. According the results of the inspection The Nevskiy Plant got the certificate.

“Recognition of the Nevskiy Plant as the test bench for turbo-compressor equipment” - said Mr. Igor Vakhlakov, Quality Director of JSC “REP Holding”, “will allow us to recognize bench tests performed on our site as the certification within the system INTERGAZSERT. The Nevskiy Plant was the first in Russia manufacturer to confirm the competence and authority of its test benches within the requirements of this system, and it is, of course, - our competitive advantage”.

VCS INTERGAZSERT was created on the base of the best practice and certified conformance of the products, works, services and management system for PAO “Gazprom” requirements.

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