19 March 2018

REP Holding presented the successful experience of manufacturing localization at the industry conference

REP Holding took part in the technological conference "Imports phase-out inside the Oil and Gas Industry". The event was held on February 28 with the support of the Department of Energy and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and also the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The conference was held with the participation of Deputy Minister the Department of Energy of the Russian Federation – Mr. Kirill Molodtsov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Mr. Vasily Osmakov. More than 150 delegates took part in the conference, 50 speakers presented their reports and presentations within the frames of the business program of the event. The representatives of the state apparatus, machine-building enterprise, top management of the leading companies of the oil and gas sector and industry experts discussed the actual issues of sectoral imports phase-out programs, including: the strategy of scientific and technological development of the industry and measures of government support for the implementation of breakthrough technologies; technological equipment status of the branch machine-building complex and its export potential; manufacturing localization in defined industry segments, international cooperation and technologies transfer for high-technology products of the fuel and energy complex; government encouragement and corporate programs.

The project manager of the REP Holding technological development department Mr. Andrey Ushakov took part in the session "Technological Challenge and International Cooperation: Technologies Transfer and Localization". In his report, Mr. Ushakov presented the successful and unique experience of the Holding's enterprises in localizing of the gas turbine MS5002E, which is included into the set of gas pumping unit “Ladoga-32”, informed of current results and challenges for following 2018 year.

Within the frames of the localization program in 2017 REP Holding mastered the manufacturig of the most technologically advanced and high-tech components and parts of the gas turbine MS5002E. The project was implemented in close cooperation with domestic enterprises and in short period of time. The pilot model of axial compressor rotor of the high-pressure turbine, the set of compressor blades have been manufactured actually for the year. The manufacturing of the turbine blades and combustion chamber elements is on the closing stage.
In addition, within the frames of the project specialists from REP Holding independently developed and manufactured the set of GTU bearings with Russian material grades, and also the automatic control system for GTU. These would allow to stop using the similar products from the foreign manufacturers.

"Fundamentally the project has no analogues," said Mr. Ushakov, "because there was no experience of localizing the hot part of industrial gas turbines in our country as yet. In the near future we plan to complete the localization of the combustion chamber, as well as auxiliary equipment control systems: the fuel valve automatic control system, vibration system and pulsation control system”.

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