27 October 2017

“REP Holding” and MAN Diesel & Turbo Have Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

“REP Holding” has signed a memorandum of cooperation with MAN Diesel & Turbo in Switzerland, one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions within the turbomachinery world. Signing of the document took place during a visit of a MAN Diesel & Turbo delegation headed by Senior Vice-President, Head of Sales & Contracts Turbomachinery, Mr. Mathias Scherer, to Saint-Petersburg.

The Memorandum’s aim is to establish good relations in form of mutually beneficial cooperation for the production of compressor equipment. The purpose is to localize production of isothermal components in Russia.

The cooperation implies launching coproduction of stator components and auxiliary systems for the isothermal compressors in the production facilities of REP Holding followed by their delivery to customers in Russia. MAN’s Isotherm RIKT is a single-shaft centrifugal compressor with integrated coolers which is widely used for air separation units.

"The Signing of the Memorandum is an important step for our companies and, no doubt, a milestone in current preparation for the implementation of large projects in re-equipment of the metallurgical and petrochemical sectors using isothermal compressors. Beforehand, MAN Diesel & Turbo and REP Holding started to study possibilities of cooperation in Russia, and some key steps have been projected to localize the production. For us, this is a perspective to meet the Russian customers’ demand and the market needs for the highly recognized modern isothermal compressor. The aim is to localize new competences and produce such equipment in our factory. Furthermore, MAN Diesel & Turbo has the possibility to obtain a reliable partner in Russia, capable of manufacturing a wide range of compressor equipment & components", the Vice-President of REP Holding, Mr. Maxim Kaitanov, noticed.

During the tour, the delegation visited Nevsky Zavod and Electropult Plant, as well as the Izhora production facilities, i.e. the companies incorporated into OMZ Group.
In the Nevsky Zavod factory the guests were taken to see the main process lines and production facilities of the factory, incl. the sites for manufacturing, assembling and packaging of hi-tech turbine & compressor equipment and the performance test benches. A special accent was put on presenting a range of the new-generation centrifugal compressors manufactured by the Holding.

The guests highly appraised the level of production organization, techniques and scale of the projects to be fulfilled by the Holding companies, and replied that they would be looking forward to actively extending the partnership in localization of compressor equipment production and to jointly carry on promising projects.

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