17 July 2017

The equipment of "REP Holding" put into industrial operation at the Novolipetsk steel mill

Under the technical supervision of the service department specialists and the engineering center of "REP Holding", the turbo compressor unit (TCU) was put into operation at Novolipetsk steel mill as the part of a compressor and a new condensing steam turbine with automatic control system ACS.

72 hours integrated test was performed before start-up of the unit, during the test the technical task and industrial safety requirements of TCU were proved.

The steam turbine K-22-90-2 was manufactured on the manufacturing site of “REP Holding”, at the Nevskiy plant within the frame of the overhaul of the turbo-compressor unit K-3000 No. 3. The new turbo group was installed on the place of the turbine, which has exhausted its life recourse, as the drive of the air compressor K-3000-61-1.

The steam turbine K-22-90-2 is differ according the improved operating features and the availability of a modern automatic control and protection system, designed on the base of controllers Simatic S7-400 under control of PCS7. The application of this system increases the reliability and safety of the unit operation.

At the present moment, REP Holding also takes part in the project for replacement of the turbo-compressor unit K-3000 No. 1. Within the frame of the implementation of this project, the company will manufacture not only steam turbine K-22 for the steel mill, but also a new centrifugal compressor K-3000.

The period of cooperation between the Novolipetsk steel mill and the Nevskiy Plant is about 70 years. During this period the Saint-Petersburg company manufactured and assembled more than 80 units, 50 of them are in operation now.

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