17 July 2017

"REP Holding" mastered the first phase of localization of high-tech gas turbine T25 manufacturing

"REP Holding" successfully mastered the first phase of localization of high-tech GTU T25 manufacturing of the simple cycle with the power of 22/25 MW, manufactured under the license of Solar Turbines. The work is carried out on the base of the cooperation agreement, which was signed in August 2013.

During the first stage, the specialists of “REP Holding” manufactured all the auxiliary equipment, the turbo unit lateral roll-out system, the devices for engine packaging and extracting and a noise-insulating enclosure (NIE), all the equipment was installed on the turbine frame, and then all necessary components of the power supply and fire-extinguishing systems were connected. The scope of work included the following stages: the designing, the adapting and the approving of the design documentation with the licensor, and also the manufacturing and assembling of the equipment.

The successful completion of the first stage was recorded in an act signed on the 14th of July 14, 2017 by the President of “REP Holding” Mr. Tagir Nigmatulin, the Director General of “Nevskiy Zavod” Mr. Alexei Popkov, and the Director General of “Solar Turbines CIS” Mr. Gregory Guzev.

In the implementation of the first phase of localization, the period of mastering took around one year, the main subdivisions of the Holding participated - the Engineering Center, the Nevskiy Plant, the plant Electropult. The manufacturing of the noise-insulating enclosure, the filter house and the auxiliary equipment, including the exhaust, ventilation and cooling systems of GTU, was carried out with an orientation to the imports phase-out program: the components of Russian manufacturers are more than 80% of the total volume of purchased products.
Within the frame of the contract with LLC OMZ-Delim LLC, two sets of equipment of the mixed refrigerant compressor will be supplied to the first medium-guty LNG plant in Russia in Vysotsk port up to the end of this year.
GTU will operate in the set of the mixed refrigerant compressor packages, which will take the key position in the technological chain of the LNG production. Turbines will be the drives of the compressors, and also will act as the heater for water and oil heating for technical purposes.
"The successful mastering of the first phase allows “REP Holding” and “Solar Turbines” companies to go over the next stage of deeper localization and start-up the manufacturing of the unit systems and elements of the gas turbine T25in Russia in accordance with the requirements, which were established by the Government of the Russian Federation and customers. Additionally to the oil and gas industry, the localized turbines can be in demand for power engineering, shipbuilding and other energy-consuming areas, where the reliable, efficient and resource-saving equipment is needed" – said Mr. Gregory Guzev.

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