8 June 2017

New localization projects for power equipment will be implemented at “Nevskiy Zavod”

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Mr. Vasily Osmakov and the Director of the Department of machine tool building and Investment to the manufacturing engineering Mr. Mikhail Ivanov during the working trip in Saint-Petersburg visited the leading manufacturing enterprise "REP Holding" – Closed Co. "Nevskiy Zavod”.

The excursion around the enterprise was arranged for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation delegation, during the excursion the guests got acquainted with its main production capacities. The management of “REP Holding” also told the delegation about the company's plan to implement new large projects on the field of power engineering industry.

One of the key projects is the creation of a mobile rapidly erected combined cycle gas turbine unit with the power 20/25 MW on the base of gas turbine engine T16, which was designed by the engineers of “REP Holding” in cooperation with GE Oil & Gas. The efficiency of this unit is 46%, and the manufacturers of main and auxiliary equipment will be domestic companies.

Among the main directions of the application of the mobile block-modular combined cycle gas turbine are: the heating of small and medium-sized populated localities, the power supply of industrial facilities with the possibility of integration into the technological cycle and production site due to the module design of the supply, the replacement of the worn out capacities of territorial generating companies within the conditions of the absence of empty areas and the necessity to continue generating for the actual operating thermal power plants. Additionally, the unit can act as an easily deployable power source for hard-to-reach objects or as a temporary power source of energy for construction and load-factoring.

"Another significant project is related to the localization of the blades manufacturing for power gas turbines. Its implementation will provide the independence and reliability of operation of the gas-steam and gas-turbine units in Russia. It will form the base for the approach of the domestic power engineering industry to a new technological level, according to the highest world standards" - said Mr. Mikhail Ivanov.

"The start-up of these projects is very important for the Russian power engineering industry in general. The development of equipment for small and distributed generation, and also the creation of the manufacturing of turbine components in our country are the priority directions of the industry development. The wide range of financial and regulatory mechanisms to support enterprises from the stage of products development up to its market launch and delivery to consumers will help the successful implementation of projects" – said Mr. Vasily Osmakov.

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