20 June 2017

“REP Holding” Has Introduced New Russian Equipment for LNG Plants At the Renaissance Project Conference

Specialists of REP Holding have participated in II Annual Renaissance Project Conference, arranged by the engineering company JSC “Giprokislorod”.  The forum became a place for gathering the representatives of large design associations which are actively developing within the oil and gas sector projects.

Actual design procedures and technologies were demonstrated by the specialists of PJSC “Kriogenmash”, PJSC “OMZ”, GE Russia, JSC “Giprokislorod” and other companies. In particular, present-day solutions were shown for booster compressor stations, for automation of industrial facilities and for the units used for underground gas storage.

The main part of the forum program referred to LNG projects to be introduced in the Russian Federation. For this direction REP Holding has introduced a new type of the mixed refrigerant compressor К 905-71-1С, that was individually designed and manufactured for the LNG Plant project in Vysotsk port of Lenigradsky region.  
The equipment structure includes highly efficient integrally-milled axial-radial impellers with 3D blades. This contributes to reliability of the flow passage and to the unit’s efficiency. At the moment  the compressor is passing the final stage of the string tests in Nevskii Zavod, the production facility of the Holding.

“REP Holding’s specialists were the first in Russia to release this type of compressor. This design is strategically important for further development of the national LNG compressor engineering industry  and for formation of the medium-size LNG production in Russia. More to that, implementing batch releasing of such equipment is very promising as this can meet the demand of the market for effective  Russian equipment and for medium-size LNG production, Director of REP holding Engineering center , Mr. Sergey Meshkov commented.

Taking into account a restricted availability of the foreign LNG technologies, the forum’s participants highly appreciated developments of REP Holding. From their point of view, launching the new national equipment will boost up the LNG market in Russia.

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