16 June 2017

"REP Holding" Will Take Part in Large-Scale Project of PJSC “Tatneft”

“REP Holding” and “Tatneft” have entered the contract on further development of a large-scale project in construction of an oil refinery plant and a petrochemical plant “TANEKO” in Nizhnekamsk, (Tatarstan Republic). 

Within this Contract “REP Holding” will design, manufacture and deliver the compressor equipment for the catalytic cracker of the Oil refinery complex JSC “TANEKO”. The unit meets the requirements of the Licensor Axens, and of the applicable Operational safety standards, and will consist of two axial compressors with electric motor and a steam turbine drive. This compressor unit is designed for continuous regeneration of catalytic agent by supplying atmospheric air to the reactor unit. 

As of today “REP holding” is the only company in Russia which has experience in designing and manufacturing the axial compressor. So application of new technology in manufacturing this equipment by the Holding has a strategic importance for the industry in terms of import substitution programs. Performance of the project will allow to create a hi-tech competitive Russian product, characteristics of which are not worse than those of the foreign equivalents, and which is very promising in terms of the batch production. 

Within the import substitution program “Tatneft” company performs systematic works which allow to protect the local Manufacturers of hi-tech equipment and to raise their competitiveness. Successful performance of “TANEKO” project реализация проекта «ТАНЕКО» had a synergetic effect onto economy of both the Tatarstan Republic, and the Russian Federation, as large orders were placed in the national companies in the machine building, construction, metallurgy sectors, scientific research and design institutes.

Today “Tatneft” keeps pursuing the line towards cooperation with the Russian companies. At the present time the average level of using the equipment and material from the internal market in “TANEKO” plants makes 75 per cent.

“Signing the Contract with “Tatneft” is an important event for our company. Participating in a large-scale industrial project allows us to reintroduce a practice of designing very technically complex installations, such as the axial compressor, and to stand in the forefront of such production tendency in Russia. This project will contribute to improving the scientific and engineering and practical competences, and will also give an impulse to localizing the gas turbine equipment production in Russia. I am sure that we will gracefully manage to perform this critical task and will be able to offer a unique highly effective multi-purpose compressor equipment in the market to such an effect that these equipment will come to be further applied in future projects of “Tatneft”, President of REP holding, Mr. Tagir Nigmatulin highlighted.
PJSC “Tatneft” is a world-known integrated Holding which gives a successful development to oil recovery, oil processing, petrochemistry, tyre works, refueling business, service structure. Also “Tatneft” has an interest in the companies of financing (bank and insurance) sector.
Key strategies of Tatneft are dedicated to maintenance of recovery from the existing fields, increasing amount of recovered high-viscosity oil, developing other hard-to-recover reserves, extending TANEKO complex, increasing and extending oil processing.

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