12 April 2017

HR-Director of «REP Holding» Olga Morozova became a winner of the award «Expert of the Year»

On the 10th of April 2017 in the hotel «Hermitage» the «Expert of the year» awards ceremony took place traditionally organized by the business analytical publisher «Expert Severo-Zapad/ Expert Norh-West». In total 14 nominations were announced, which were consolidated into three subject blocks: «Traditional Nomination», «Corporate Social Responsibility» and «Health Technology».

This year around one hundred people became awards candidates – professionals from different areas who effectively proved themselves as high level experts. Among the candidates there were representatives of large industrial plants, employees of IT and telecommunication and healthcare fields, construction sector and development, members of charity funds and public interest organizations.

The winners were determined by the Expert Board comprising well-known businessmen, government representatives, scientists and cultural public figures headed by the President of World Club of St-Petersburg Residents, Director General of the State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovskiy.

Among three award candidates put in nomination by the Holding the highest score was received by the Director of Human Resources - Olga Morozova, who became the winner of nomination with the biggest number of candidates – «Expert in the field of HR».

Olga Gennadievna has been working in «REP Holding» since 2014. Thanks to her professional competence for the third year in a row the company have won the St-Petersburg Government Grant for organization of proactive advanced training for employees, during this period of time over 300 people have taken part in this program. Under her supervision the personnel competence assessment system has been developed and implemented, the trainings for managers on the team building comprehensive programme «Management Laboratory» are hold on the regular basis. Awarding the win in the nomination, the reputable board of judges highly appreciated Olga Morozova’s personal contribution to development of the company’s personnel.

«For me this award is of great importance both in terms of personal and professional growth. I am grateful to my chief Natalia Moskaleva and to all my colleagues for giving credence to present our company at the competition «Expert of the Year». Thanks to all who supported and voted for me. I consider that it is our corporate victory, it contains contribution of each member of our team, – says Olga Morozova. – Management of human resources is a science and an art in equal measure. Every HR, when helping the business to be really efficient, uses the entire arsenal of skills, technics, tools and programs to achieve assigned tasks. At the same time each specialist has own professional secrets and recipes finally aimed at making every person go to work with pleasure, feel needed, have opportunity for growth and be successful together with the company».

The Award Expert Board made pointed reference to presence of family dynasty representatives among candidates. The employees of «REP Holding» – the Heard of Test Department of Nevskiy plant, Vladimir Boldyrev, and the research engineer of The Power Engineering Institute, Yuriy Boldyrev were included into the sort-list for nomination « Expert in the field of Industry».

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