29 March 2017

In “REP Holding” hold the meeting of PJSC “Gazprom” about the imports phase-out issues

On the 27th of March on the construction site of “REP Holding” – Nevskiy Plant the meeting of PJSC “Gazprom” was hold about the realization questions of the route map of the project, which is connected with the increasing of technology utilization, products and services of the North-West region enterprises.

During the event more than 60 people took part: the managers of departments and the affiliated companies of PJSC “Gazprom”, top-managers of the enterprises, which produce high-technological products within the frame of the imports phase-out policy, and also the representatives of study centers and relevant committee of Saint-Petersburg administration.
The agenda of the visit started with the inspection of the production capacities of the Nevskiy Zavod, where the complex program on implementation of the innovative technology on the field of power machine building and manufacturing of turbocompressor equipment of new generation. Within the frame of production site demonstration by managers of REP Holding, we paid the attention for new samples of the products and the latest developments, which were made for realization of large-scaled promising projects, including projects of PJSC “Gazprom”, which have the imports phase-out character. 

The high interest of the guests was paid for the technologies, which were implemented by Holding to construct LNG-terminal in the port terminal Vysotsk. The designers of “REP Holding” were the first in Russia, who developed the project of the LP MR compressor, which will take up the key place in the technological chain of the low-tonnage production of the liquefied natural gas.

Another unique product, which was presented for the delegation – new gas turbine with the power 16MW, which was presented to the market in 2016, GTU T16 was designed together with GE Oil&Gas, this turbine differs with high efficiency, reliability and absolute environmental performance. 

The representatives of “Gazprom” viewed the sectors of serial production of gas turbine MS5002E, this kind of turbine is the base of gas-pumping units GPU-32 “Ladoga”. These units are well known to “Gazprom”: from 2009 year “REP Holding” supplied for the objects of the company 45 units, there other GPU will be sent for the project “Power of Siberia” this year.

“We are the owners of 100% design and technological documentation for manufacturing of assembles and parts for GTU-32. Except that, we got the approval from the side of our foreign partner about the possibility of cooperation with other domestic manufacturers to the tasks solving of the localization of this kind of turbine. We have a great chance to prove that the domestic equipment cannot be worse, but even better according several parameters than foreign. The program of localization of this turbine is realized thankfully the big order of “Gazprom” for manufacturing and supply of GPU for reconstruction and construction objects of main gas piping line “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta”. Gazprom – is our main Customer and strategic partner. The participation in the “Gazprom” projects gives us the possibility for dynamically development, implements new technology and releases new kinds of modern power equipment” – said the President of “REP Holding” Mr. Tagir Nigmatulin.

Specially to the delegation’s visit on the “REP Holding” site, the exhibition of the samples of the import-substituting products was organized, more than 20 Enterprises and science and technical centers of Saint-Petersburg. Ltd Co. “Dieselzipservice” presented the industrial engine TM-600, LLC “Nord Company” presented the mini boiler-house with the power 350 kW, the plant of measuring equipment “Areopag” presented the high technology units for gas processing. Enterprise “Krioterm” presented the automatic power supply systems, which are operated on the gas, Company “Valkom”, which supplied for the oil and gas production objects the instrumentation and automatic components, presented the new samples of the products. “Krylov State Research Center” showed several mock-ups of the ships, including the ships for procurement for drilling rig with the consumable and process products. The Company “NG-Energo”, which is made a specialty out of engineering, manufacturing, construction and services of power objects, presented the mock-up of gas-turbine unit of power unit GTU-18A, with the power of 18 kW, «Barrens» presented the mobile gas filling station with methane, Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University presented the mock-up model of micro - turbo expanding power generator with the power 20kW for independent power supply for gas-distribution stations. “REP Holding” presented on the exhibition electrotechnical products: one of the latest developments of “Electropult Plant” - multi-purposes low voltage electrical switchboard “SHERE-N” and new equipment of the enterprise “Electropult-System” presented the automatic control system for GTU-32 “I-1”. According their features all items are not assented to foreign analogues. 

We mentioned the positive trends on the operation of the enterprises of Saint-Petersburg on the field of modernization and researching of new kinds of products with the application of groundbreaking technology innovation, during the realization of the routine map the raw of the manufactures came-up to the address cooperation with “Gazprom”. We are ready to wide the partnership with the industrial sector of the region, taking into consideration all suggestions, which can assist the technological development of gas industry” – said the Head in Deputy of the Department of PJSC “Gazprom” Mr. Vladimir Vavilov. 

The participants of the meeting discussed the experience of the cooperation of Saint-Petersburg enterprises with PJSC “Gazprom” within the frame of the realization of the events, which are considered by the routing map, and also the prospective of the development of co-operation for the benefit of both. From the side of city Administration the measures of the State support of the enterprises were announced, which are realized the Import Substitution Programme and develop the routing of the products to external markets.
For the purpose of widening cooperation, the manufacturing cooperation and researching of new prospective ways of development of industrial and science organizations in close collaboration with Saint-Petersburg administration and PJSC “Gazprom” such kind of meeting will be held on the regular base.

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