17 March 2017

REP Holding Specialists Presented a New Development At the Scientific and Technical Forum in Kazakhstan

In Almaty the VII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Kazakhstan-Kholod 2017” finished. The Forum brought together more than a hundred specialists related to development of low-temperature technologies from the countries of Europe and Asia. REP Holding was represented by the Chief Compressor Designer, Mr. Vladimir Yun, and by the head of the compressor calculation and investigation department, Mr. Alexander Reider.

The organization of the conference was performed by the Office of the international Academy of Refrigeration in Kazakhstan Republic, Kazakhstan Association of Refrigeration Industry, Almaty Technologic University, and LLP “Teniz”. Purpose of the event was forming a reliable basis for effective cooperation of the educational institutes, science, business, government and the international agencies related to the heat and cold generation and supply.

Conference program included a system of issues addressing improvement of energy saving and environmental safety in the industrial refrigerator production, which are important for many countries nowadays. With regard to this, REP Holding introduced a new type of compressor К 905-71-1С, which was designed for use in construction of LNG terminal in Vysotsk Port in Leningradskaya Oblast.

The Chief Designer, Vladimir Yun, made an emphasis on the importance of this design referring to its vital necessity for growth of LNG market in Russia and a limited access to the corresponding foreign technologies. The results of investigations of the centrifugal compressors allowed the Holding specialists to design a new range of machines running on the mixed coolant.

In its presentation the speaker described the stages of inspection of the compressor bundle using the modern calculating systems. The design includes the highly effective integrally machined axial and radial impellers with the three-dimensional blades, for which REP holding was the first to implement their manufacturing technology in Russia. High-end elements contribute to increase in bundle reliability, and the unit efficiency.

The members of the conference noticed that the development of Rep Holding specialists was well-timed, and could substitute the imported parts, and also they highly appreciated the technical capabilities of the Russian company in creation of the innovative equipment.

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