17 March 2017

REP Holding Started Training of Specialists from the Operation Service of OOO “Gazpromneft-Yamal”

Specialists of Installation Supervision and Pre-Commissioning Department of REP Holding managed to deliver the first training stage to the specialists of ООО “Gazpromneft-Yamal”, the purpose of which was to learn about the peculiarities of operation of the high- end equipment, manufactured by the company. Training took place in one of the sites of Novoportovskoye Oil, gas and condensate field, where the infrastructure was still kept being built to seek for full development of the field.

Training project is linked with supply of eight gas-pumping units GPA-32 “Ladoga” manufactured by REP Holding to the oil, gas and condensate field, and corresponds to the Customer-approved program. The training program includes theoretical and practical classes, when the specialists of the petroleum company will get a good idea about the specific features of GPU structure and operating principles, and will gain skills in operating and servicing the units.

Final training stage will be carried out at the production facilities of REP Holding in Saint-Petersburg. By the end of April the Customer’s representatives are expected to learn about experience in operation and maintenance of the automatic control systems of GPU auxiliaries. 

Training of the operation company personnel is an important direction of the Complex Long-Term Servicing program of the gas pumping unit and power-generating plants implemented by REP Holding.

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