24 February 2017

“REP Holding” Was Thanked by Polytekh University For Having Actively Supported Their Educational Project

REP Holding was thanked by Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University for its cooperation in arranging the International Winter Polytechnic School aimed to attract the foreign students to the training programs of the University in the power-generating and turbine engineering fields. The School is organized by Power Engineering and Transportation System Institute (Nuclear and Heat Energy Division) and International Education Managing department of Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. Apart from REP Holding, the official partners of the project were represented by Rosatom State Corporation and Leningradskaya NPP.

For this project a Welcome-meeting was held in the production premises of REP Holding Nevskii Zavod in which about 30 future masters from Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Canada, Italy, Germany and other countries and the heads of the departments took part. Also on the meeting Mrs. Natalia Moskaleva, the Company’s Vice-President for Human Resources, told the students about the history and structure of REPH, about the company’s mission and values, about the main competences, activity directions and footprints.
Director of Public Relation Department, Mrs. Maria Vasilyeva, shared her experience in organization of internal and external communications of the company, told about tools for promotion of products and services, and about the ways to create the positive reputation of the brand.

Deputy Director General for Marketing, Mr. Alexey Ruzavin, and Engineering Center Director, Mr. Andrey Gogulin, gave a presentation about their factory “Electropult”. The students got an idea about the production facilities of the company, new electrical engineering designs, and their application in the key industries.

Production capabilities of Nevskii zavod were described by the technical Director, Mr. Sergey Korolenko. The company was presented as a modern hi-tech site equipped with multi-functional equipment. On behalf of the Power Machine Building Institute the Chief Compressor Designer, Mr. Vladimir Yun, welcomed the young people. He elaborated on designs with integrated innovative technologies, which are actively used in the construction and reconstruction of the main transportation pipeline objects. The leading Engineer for Turbine Hot Parts of REP Holding, Mr. Titov Anton, introduced a number of gas turbines, and narrated about the unique technical benches used to test the complex equipment.

During the tour around Nevskii Zavod the guests saw all process stages, such as, from casting facilities to the ready item test bench. The specialists visited the sites for production, assembling and tuning of the last-generation power-generating equipment and turbine and compressor components – of the gas pumping unit “Ladoga-32”, and of the new 16MW stationary gas turbine. The foreign students asked not a few questions, and showed a huge interest towards tooling of the workshops, production organization and technology, developments and products. Several men at a time stated their willingness to pass the on-the-job training in the Holding companies.

“This is not the first time that out Company supports the educational project of the Polytechnic University. Thus, the Company contributes into development of the international cooperation as to training in power and turbine engineering fields. We are sure that this insight into the experience of REP holding companies will be long-remembered by the future specialists and will help them becoming professional” Vice-President for Human Resources of REPH, Mrs. Moskaleva Natalya said.

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