19 January 2017

The enterprise "REP Holding" announced as the winner of the contest "Made in Saint- Petersburg" in nomination "The Export growth"

Close Company "Nevsky Zavod" became the owner of an industrial award of Saint-Petersburg Government - "Made in Saint-Petersburg" -2016 ". The award ceremony took place on the 16th of January, 2016 in the Smolny Palace with the participation of Governor of Saint-Petersburg Mr. Georgy Poltavchenko.

"Today, we reward the best of the best - those who performed the particular deals and showed the real results. All winners brought in contribution to the development of our city. It is really pleasant, that the leaders of these companies are not afraid to develop innovative manufacturing, increase wages, improve working conditions of employees, "- mentioned Mr. Georgy Poltavchenko.

The competition for the award was held among the enterprises of various industries on nine categories. Nevsky Plant won the nomination "The export growth”,  received the majority of votes of the members of The expert Board, consisting of heads of relevant committees of Saint-Petersburg  Government, the  representatives of professional and expert associations, heads of mass media sector. Evaluation of the enterprise work in this direction was given on the base of the comparison of the relevant economical values during 2015 and 2014 years, these years are specified in the information-analytical system "SPARK".

"Access to foreign markets is one of the key elements in the development strategy of "REP Holding "and "Nevsky Zavod", in particular. Modern manufacturing facilities, high proficiency engineering and working skills, the successful implementation of the world's technology greatly expand the capabilities of the enterprise. "Nevsky Zavod" manufactures a wide range of power engineering products, the quality of which meets with the highest standards not only for Russian but also for foreign markets. Thanks in large part to that, the enterprise manages to increase annually the share of exports in the book of orders", - said Director General of "Nevsky Zavod" Mr. Aleksey Popkov.

Speaking about the development factors of the enterprise, the head mentioned the role of the partnership with Saint-Petersburg Government.  In 2014, the city and "Nevsky Zavod" signed an Agreement for cooperation about the development of power engineering industry. NZL received government support as an enterprise, which develops modern manufacturing and create high-tech working places. So, at the end of 2016 the Government marked the company with the appreciation for its contribution to the formation of a efficiency-functioning labour market.

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