2 December 2016

"REP Holding" made the shipment of equipment for socially significant facilities of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District

"REP Holding" made the shipment of electro technical equipment within the frames of the project of PJSC " FGC UES" in the Nefteyugansk district of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District.

According the order on the production site of "REP Holding" plant "Electropult" the modular packaged transformer substation 2БКТП with the power 630kV was manufactured. The product s are intended for receiving, conversion and distribution of three-phase AC.

One of the features of this equipment is the higher voltage class, which is used - the electricity conversion carries out with 35kV on the power input side in the modular packaged transformer substation up to 0.4 kV on the output side, which is not standard solution for transformer substations. The packaged modular building is equipped with all life supporting systems on the object - lighting, ventilation, heating, etc.

Equipment of "REP Holding" will be installed in complex of 500 kV substation "Svyatogor", the start-up of which is scheduled to the end of 2016. Commissioning of this object will ensure the influx of additional capacity to the Nefteyugansk District of Yugra, where the projected significant growth of the electricity consumption is forecasted due to the high concentration and the development of oil production facilities in this region.

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