18 October 2016

The Director General of Nevskiy Zavod has received the letter of acknowledgment for active participation in the Government Program on the labour market development

On the 13th of October a meeting between the Director General of Nevskiy Zavod Aleksey Popkov and representatives of the Employment Committee from Nevsky district of Saint-Petersburg headed by the chief executive Ekaterina Nedyalkova was held. These annual meetings have already become tradition. This time the occasion was to hand the letter of acknowledgement for fruitful cooperation in the area of implementation of government programs intended to create new workplaces of high-efficiency and develop labour market. 

«Nevskiy Zavod is one of the biggest employers of our district. So we are especially glad that we have succeed to establish such a close partnership relationship with the plant. Within last two years with your support the plant takes an active part in the most significant programs of the public employment service. It serves as an evidence of high interest in staff development from the side of the plant administration», - said Ekaterina Nedyalkova handing the reward. 

Business partnership of Nevskiy Zavod with the Employment Service Agency started with participation in the government program of advanced training in 2015. Having won the competition the plant could train 126 of employees on five directions. Around 1,5 mln rubles were allocated for these purposes from the federal budget. Before the end of the current year 172 of people more are going to take part in this program. The list of jobs and directions for training has been increased up to ten, and financing – up to 2,8 mln rubles. 

The meeting was conducted in open dialog form. The guests presented their new training projects and programs directed at employment assistance, in particular, for disabled people and minors from 14 to 18 years old. The Heads of Nevskiy Zavod in their turn familiarized the agency representatives with the results of work on the buddy system implementation, the blue-collar jobs image improving and on the involvement of young people. In 2016 the NZL in association with the Government of Saint-Petersburg took active part in the themed issues in the leading printed publication, in specialized activities and TV projects.  

Summarizing the results of the meeting, Alexey Popkov expressed confidence in further enhancing of successful cooperation with the Employment Service Agency from Nevsky district and express gratitude to its leaders for acknowledgement of the overall work results. 

«Any reward is a kind of reflection of processes that are going on at the plant. Indeed today the human resources policy is in priority at the Nevskiy Zavod. We put emphasis on the creation of a mentoring school, staff sourcing and recruiting, and of course on the implementation of training program. The intention to invest in the competence development is explainable enough. In order to remain competitive at the market it is necessary to have prompt reaction on its dynamic changes, to be flexible, be able to change and improve the methods of work. This is the only way to reduce costs, increase labor productivity, achieve significant financial results», - said the Director General of NZL Aleksey Popkov.

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