19 October 2016

REP Holding Presented New Production Technologies to PJSC “Gazprom” Representatives

The production site of REP Holding - Nevskiy Zavod - has been visited by managers and specialists of PJSC Gazprom board and subsidiaries: ZAO “Yamalgazinvest”, OOO “Gazprom invest”, OOO “Gazprom centrremont", etc. The visit was part of the educational workshop "New Methods and Technology of Gas Compressor Stations Construction" organized by St. Petersburg branch of Gazprom Corporate Institute. 
During the tour around the plant the guests were shown all stages of the technological process, from the foundry to bench testing of finished products. The experts visited the areas of production, assembly and adjustment of the power and turbo- compressor equipment of the latest generation: gas-pumping unit "Ladoga-32” and the new heavy-duty gas turbine rated at 16 MW. 

In the presentation part of the program the participants were shown the whole product range of centrifugal compressors manufactured by the Holding company for PJSC “Gazprom”. In accordance with the training specifics the greatest attention was paid to the units that involve innovative technologies in their manufacture. 

The Head of the Compressors Design and Research subdivision Alexander Reider told about developments employing the active magnetic bearing system manufactured at Nevskiy Zavod under license of S2M (SKF), as well as integrally-machined axial-radial impellers with 3D blades, the Holding being the first in Russia to master this manufacturing technology. In addition, the visitors were demonstrated the achievements in standardization of the parts and elements of the replaceable flow passage of the compressor. New types of the units are distinguished by increased efficiency, wide range of performance, prolonged service life. 

Two reports were dedicated to the new heavy-duty turbine rated at 16 MW developed by the Holding engineers in partnership with GE Oil & Gas. Designers of gas turbines and axial compressors Artem Andropov and Philipp Sechkin told not only about the layout of the equipment, but also about specific features of the turbo-unit and auxiliary systems design. 

"Since I'm directly connected with management of the compressor stations construction process, for me it was very helpful to see the production at REP Holding alive , to get to know in detail about its cutting-edge projects. The Holding specialists have shown modern approaches to the development and manufacture of products, and we have seen here many examples of advanced technologies implemetation," said the Head of the Department of the CS construction of ZAO “Yamalgazinvest” Vladimir Babenko. The administration of the Petersburg branch of PJSC Gazprom Corporate Institute thanked for assistance in organizing this field class, and expressed hope for the further fruitful cooperation with the Holding.

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