19 August 2016

«REP Holding» has manufactured a batch of compressor equipment for the oil-gas condensate field NGKM «Yubileynoye»

«REP Holding» has manufactured and dispatched five sets of СПЧ498-3,0/30-16/5300СМП replaceable flow passages for OOO Gazprom Dobycha Nadym within the framework of implementation «Integrated rehabilitation program for gas production facilities 2016-2020».  

The compressor equipment has successfully passed through inspection on the plant’s test rig, confirming compliance with all the customer’s requirements. The sets of replaceable flow passages will be installed in compressors Н498-23-1ЛСМ, which are part of the gas-compressor units ГПА-16 BCS-07 «Ural».

This compressor equipment was designed by applying the system of active magnetic bearing and “dry” gas dynamic seals, that allows increasing operation reliability and efficiency of aggregates, and reducing operational costs. 

The replaceable flow passages made by «REP Holding» are to be used on the boosting compressor stations of the second stage of NGKM «Yubileynoye». The equipment application will ensure the natural gas supply from the field to the gas pipeline system under formation pressure decline.

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