12 August 2016

«REP Holding» has discussed advanced power projects with the Sakhalin Oblast Government

«REP Holding» was visited by the representatives of the Sakhalin Oblast Government – the Deputy Chairman of the Government Aleksander Zhitkov and the Head of Agency on Electric Power and Gas Supplying Development Andrey Belousov. The visit was held in the framework of the plant trip by «Gazprom» group. 

The delegation was met by the senior executives, heads of the plants and subdivisions of the Holding headed by the President of the Company Igor Starinkov. During the meeting the wide range of Holding’s products used in the power generation and oil-gas industries, in particular, for implementation of the relevant investment projects on Sakhalin, were presented to the guests. 

In their turn the members of the delegation told about the power development program in the region whereby during last few years the new electric-power and generation capacities were built and put into operation. In the course of reviewing further plans for development the representatives of the Holding and Sakhalin Oblast discussed questions on possible cooperation within the project on the Noglikskaya HPP modernization. 

The program of visit was completed with the excursion to the Holding’s production sites, at Nevsky Zavod. The delegation visited the processing lines for manufacturing, assembling and setting-up of the advanced power and turbo-compressor equipment. Special attention was drawn to the areas of manufacture of the gas compressor units GTU-16 and GTU-22, which may be in demand during implementation of Sakhalin’s projects.

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