26 July 2016

REP Holding Compressor Equipment Have Commenced Their Operation at Urengoyskoye Oil/Gas/Condensate Field

Specialists of REP Holding Installation Supervision, Start-up and Pre-Commissioning Division have conducted 72-hour testing of three replaceable bundle assemblies SPCh 145-10/76-3,0С that were manufactured for ООО «Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy». 

The compressor equipment is installed in the booster compressor station of the gas treatment plant UKPG-5В, located in Urengoyskoye Oil/Gas/Condensate Field, as a part of the technical upgrading programme implemented on-site. 

The replaceable bundle is expected to be installed on the units type GPA-10 «Ural» with the gas-turbine drive PS-90GP-3, equipped with the centrifugal compressor НЦ10ДКС-01. Design of the replaceable bundle manufactured by REP Holding includes the dry gas seals (with groove-type barrier air end seals) and oil bearings. 

The replaceable bundle is of key importance for the process of natural gas delivery to the subsequent compression stage under the low formation pressure since this is intrinsic of Urengoyskoye Oil/Gas/Condensate Field today.  

On-site Testing of the equipment has demonstrated that the performance characteristics comply with the designed parameters. The gas transfer units with the replaceable bundle SPCh 145-10/76-3,0С successfully commenced their commercial operation.

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