4 July 2016

REP Holding To Supply Electrical Equipment to Smolensk NPP

REP Holding has won the contract for manufacturing of electrical products for Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant. 

The order is placed on the production site of Holding – Plant “ELECTROPULT”. The Company will manufacture the safety cabinets for modernization of the standby NPP control center. 

Using such panels allows to monitor the process parameters, as well as to control of the safety systems in case the automatic equipment fails. The products are designed to provide maximum reliability of NPP equipment supply system and comply with the highest technical requirements and standards. Supply is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016. 

REP Holding has been supplying equipment for the nuclear power stations since 2008. At the present moment ELECTROPULT plant produces switchgears and transformer substations for Kursk NPP-2, as well as MCCs for the nuclear power stations in Smolenskaya oblast’. 

Smolensk NPP is a city-forming company in Smolenskaya oblast’ that takes the largest portion of the region fuel and energy balance. Every year the plant generates 20 bln. kW*h on average, that makes about 80% of total generated power in the region. Smolensk NPP comprises three power-generating units with the reactors РБМК-1000.

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