21 June 2016

REP Holding will Supply Electrical Equipment for Kurskaya Nuclear Power Plant-2

REP Holding signed a contract with JSC «Rosenergoatom» for manufacture and supply of switchgear KRU-10 kV, series k-207 EP, in a modular building. The equipment is intended for the Kurskaya NPP-2 which is to timely replace the old power units of the NPP after their useful lifetime is over. 

The order has been placed with Plant ELECTROPULT - production site of REP Holding. Switchgears will be installed as part of the 330/10 substation intended to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the construction site of Power Unit 1. 

Delivery of the electrical equipment within this project is scheduled for September 2016. In the third quarter REP Holding will also deliver a Packaged Transformer Substation 2BKTP-400/10/0.4 to the facility under construction. 

Kurskaya NPP-2 is a plant substituting for the power units to be withdrawn from service at the currently operating Kurskaya NPP. The project provides for installation in the territory of Kursk Region of four power units equipped with reactors of the latest design at a high safety integrity level. The total investments into the project amount to 400 billion rubles. Commissioning of the first two NPP-2 power units is scheduled for 2021 and 2023.

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