12 May 2016

REP Holding took part in the project “Backstage of rare professions”

In April of 2016 REP Holding took part in the project “Backstage of rare professions” initiated by Headhunter Company and by the Saint-Petersburg Bloggers’ Community. The Project is implemented in many large industrial companies of St.-Petersburg, in order to popularize the physical work professions, to spotlight uncommon trades, to demonstrate the progressive research works and unique technologies.

“Members of our Community (Spbblog.lj.ru) are proud of their city. We support the city events, and tell about them to our readers in the entire world. Meeting with the representatives of HeadHunter Company gave birth to an idea of “Backstage of Uncommon Professions” Project. The idea was simple: the factories tell about themselves, and we write about them in our blogs and attach exciting photos that can be made in the production area only and nowhere else. We did it. The people who want to take part are more than enough. The posts are thickly commented. The schedule of excursions is filled in till middle of May, and we keep on getting requests”, shared Mr. Pavel Prokofyev, Head of the St.-Petersburg Blogger Community.

Within the Project a press tour around the production facilities of Nevskii Zavod was organized for the online journalists. The journalists came to know about extent production history of the oldest Petersburgh factory, about the peculiar features of the physical trades, organization of the production processes and the stages of a complex gas-turbine equipment production.

The group, аccompanied by the Deputy Director General of Nevsky Zavod Andrey Maslov, and the heads of the production are visited the rotor production, the casing production, the assembling, the wood working and casting facilities. The visitors observed operation of the modern hi-tech lathes, including the up-to-date 5-axis milling and turning center OKUMA, that is used to produce the parts for the new generation centrifugal compressors. Also, operation of the wood-working center, the modern vertical lathes, the special electrical discharge equipment and test beds were demonstrated.

The journalists conversed with the company workers who told about specific nature of their occupation and about such uncommon professions as a pattern-maker and an electrical discharge machine operator. These professions are considered to be unique. There are very few highly skilled representatives of such trades.

“HeadHunter became one of the project initiator, because it was willing to show not only the production exterior, but to reveal its interior. At Nevskii Zavod we saw modern workshops, committed people who treated their job responsibly and enthusiastically, team work, an obvious commitment to results, lean production”, commented Mrs. Yulia Sakharova, Director of HeadHunter North-West.

The tour ended in visiting the metallurgical facilities where the visitors could observe the casting process. There were many camera flashes and a vigor interest of the journalists that resulted in the excited posts at the following addresses:


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