25 April 2016

REP Holding has Expanded its Competence in the Equipment Diagnostics

Specialists from the electrical laboratory of the Erection Supervision and Pre-Commissioning Department of REP Holding have completed training in thermal-imaging inspection organized by TTM company based on the program of the International Infrared Training Center (Stockholm, Sweden). 

Specialists whose work is related with testing and measurements of electrical equipment became participants of the course. Within the framework of the training the participants gained extensive knowledge in the field of infrared diagnostics, as well as experience in effective application of thermal imaging cameras designed for examination and flaw detection on the operating electrical equipment according to the method of non-destructive testing. 

The competences acquired by the Holding specialists during the training, were verified at the exam, whereupon they were given certificates and internationally recognized qualification ID cards of a thermal mapping specialist. The ID card gives the right to perform thermal-imaging inspection, process the results of thermal-imaging inspection and draw a conclusion on the condition of the controlled item in different industries, power generation and construction. 

"The training has greatly expanded our laboratory capabilities. We have mastered the reliable non-contact technique that enables us to promptly examine a large amount of electrical equipment by efforts of a team of 2-3 persons, identifying the pre-failure condition of the equipment. This diagnostic practice will help save not only time, but also resources, because it is based on non-destructive testing and taking electrical equipment out of service for repair”, Sergey Novoselov, the head of the electric laboratory of the Erection Supervision and Pre-Commissioning Department, stressed. 

The electric laboratory was established at REP Holding in 2012 in order to optimize the process of pre-commissioning and technical maintenance at the facilities of the customers. The laboratory possesses up-to-date measuring instruments from such companies as «FIUKE», «BAUR», «SONEI, "CHAUVIN ARNOUX", which enables specialists to perform the most accurate hardware diagnostics. The laboratory carries out a wide range of activities: from measurements of insulation resistance of electrical equipment up to high voltage proof testing of cables and relay equipment testing in the plants up to 10 kV. The laboratory services are available not only for the Holding departments, but also for outside companies.

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