21 April 2016

REP Holding Enterprise has Won for the Second Time the State Grant for Participation in the Advanced Training Program for Personnel

Nevskiy Zavod (production site of Joint Stock Company “REP Holding”) has become for the second time a party to the City State program “Promotion of Employment in St. Petersburg" for the years 2015-2020 within the frames of which the personnel advanced training will be arranged. The Program is implemented by the State autonomous institution "Employment Centre of Saint-Petersburg". 

Nevskiy Zavod has successfully passed the competitive selection as an enterprise where extensive restructuring are modernization of production is underway and therefore it has a need for personnel development and upgrading in certain disciplines and professions. 

In 2016, 95 Nevskiy Zavod employees will participate in the advanced training program: 43 out of them represent blue-collar jobs, the rest - production engineers, specialists and managers. Training will be held within six programs. 

This year the advanced training will include for the first time the programs related with modern methods in welding technique, programming for high-technology equipment, simulation systems, as well as with the world trends in mechanical machining. 

The training will last from two to six months, depending on the complexity of the acquired knowledge and skills, as well as the amount of the learning material. Each course will contain a theoretical part and hands-on training which will take place in the production areas of the plant. The employees engaged in the training will be given an opportunity to develop the relevant skill on-the-job and grow professionally, with a guarantee of their position retention. 

The advanced training program will enable Nevskiy Zavod to increase the level of the employees skill, to secure in a timely manner critical skills for production by utilizing its own workforce and thus maintain and develop its human resource capacity. All expenses for the advanced training are covered from the federal budget. As a result of the tender for training providers for 2016, the private educational institution FVE “Uchebny Kombinat” (training school) and State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University" became the winners. It is these educational institutions that will be partners of Nevskiy Zavod in the employees training and development in the year 2016. 

Earlier, from May to December, 2015, 126 employees of Nevskiy Zavod were retrained and obtained a second profession within the advanced training program. Two Management Conferences on critical design review for the projects aimed at improvement and development of production processes were arranged within the training framework. Most of the projects were handed over to the Production Development Directorate for further implementation. 

“Implementation of the advanced training gives us new opportunities and positive results: without increasing the staff of Nevskiy Zavod, a larger amount of production tasks are performed successfully and to a good quality; the managerial competence of line production managers has been improved, the formation of a new management culture and general business terminology began. The higher level of the personnel professional knowledge will help to put into practice the up-to-date methods of work and management of highly efficient production”, stressed Olga Morozova, Director of the Human Resources Department of Close Company “Nevskiy Zavod”.  

"A new experience of participation in the advanced training program should also help the enterprise in addressing important issues related to the production modernization and development of professional competencies of the staff. We hope that our cooperation will develop actively, and Nevskiy Zavod will become a permanent participant of our educational projects," said Ekaterina Nedyalkova, the head of the Nevsky district Employment Agency, St. Petersburg.

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